We have a lot of fun making all sorts of jewelry from all sorts of coins.  Here are notes on just a few of the collectible, antique and even ancient coins that we’ve had in stock – but stop by to check out the others that are ready to be set, or get in touch if there’s a particular place or period of history that you’re interested in finding.  We’re glad to work with our suppliers to see what we can uncover for you.

New York Dimes: Minted in the mid-1700’s this silver coin is an heirloom from New York’s Dutch past.   These silver dimes (‘wapenstuivers” or “dubbeltjes”) were common in New York at the time.  The notation “2S” stands for two stuivers, or a double nickel.  The obverse pictures a rampant lion within a crowned shield, the crest of Holland.

Spanish (Pirate) Cobs:   After the discovery of America, copper maravedís, along with silver reales, were the first coins struck in Spain for the purpose of circulation in the New World colonies. These coins, minted with a special design for specific use of the Americas, were first coined in Seville in 1505 for shipment to the colonial island of Hispaniola the following year, thus giving these coins their distinction as the first coins for the New World. By 1531 these coins were still being minted, by now in both Seville and Burgos and subsequent shipments have been confirmed to other areas such as: Mexico, Panama and Puerto Rico. These maravedís were used as Spanish Colonial change for smaller transactions and after mints were later established in the New World, in both Mexico (production began in 1536) and Santo Domingo (production began in 1542), coins of this type were also minted there.

Five-Cent Indian Head Coins (Buffalo nickels): The placement of the date on these means that it’s been frequently worn away by everyday use.  We’ve had a few with very clear engravings and dates come through the shop and created some interesting pieces with them.  An interesting buffalo nickel fact:  the buffalo on the reverse of the coin was supposedly modeled after a bison named Black Diamond that resided in the New York Central Park Zoo.