Lapis lazuli is a relatively rare semi-precious stone that can include lazurite, sodalite, hauyne, calcite, and pyrite, and is prized for its deep blue color. It’s been found in pre-dynastic Egyptian artifacts and in burials dating to the Neolithic period, showing how long we humans have admired it. It’s got a Mohs hardness of 5-6, and is mined in Afghanistan (where it’s been mined for over 6,000 years), Argentina, Russia (Lake Baikal), Angola, Pakistan, Chile, Canada and the USA (California and Colorado).

Metaphysical: Lapis Lazuli is believed to release stress and bring deep peace, harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. It bonds relationships, aiding in expression of feelings and emotions.