“I have seen in person what these incredible people are capable of, and I had no hesitation when it came time for me to get a piece I already had altered to my liking. They took the ring I had and altered it into a piece that I will wear every day and treasure forever. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is impeccable! I will absolutely be working with them on my next custom piece! Whether it’s jewelry altering/repair, or a piece made from scratch, you won’t be disappointed!” - February 25, 2019

“This piece could not be more gorgeous. GP has always been a shop that is such a pleasure to deal with. I made a custom request for this piece and could not have asked for more attentive and sincere service. I have quite a few pieces from GP gathered in the seven or so years since I first met them. I highly recommend them for their art AND their kind-hearted spirit!” - May 26, 2018

Featured in Vermont State Homes article: http://www.vermontstatehomes.com/articles/find-a-gem-at-global-pathways-jewelry - March 2018

"Absolutely stunning rings!!!! So excited to have the mountains from the Valley we both grew up in engraved on our bands! Global pathways was a pleasure to work with and were so patient with us while we took the time to finalize our decision for our rings. So kind and willing to send us sketched photos of mountains we were interested in to visualize how they would look before committing. Final product is even more beautiful than we imagined! We could not be happier with our unique, gorgeous and meaningful wedding bands. Thank you so much Global Pathways!!!! 😄" - February 9, 2018

"We cannot say enough about how amazing this company was to work with on my future husband's custom wedding band. The level of service was exceptional. Highly recommend!" - July 23, 2017 

"Global Pathways has a staff which is helpful, patient and caring. They helped me to build a custom ring which turned out exactly as I had hoped. It is gorgeous and a treasure that I will have for the rest of my life." - March 25, 2017

"Val was amazingly kind and helpful!!! And I LOVE the style of the jewelry and the large array of gemstones. This is one of my new favorite places, and they will absolutely be making my wedding ring!!!" - July 9, 2016

"Global Pathways was very communicative during the entire ring design process, and shipped right on time. We ended up having some issues with the rings, and the shop was incredibly amicable working out a return policy with us. Even though we did not keep the rings we ordered, I would highly recommend this shop and would certainly purchase from them again in the future. Excellent customer service experience." -March 24, 2016

"Thank you Global Pathways for creating our beautiful wedding bands! We are so happy with our rings including my engagement ring! The artists worked with us to help customize our rings. Everyone at the shop is friendly, warm and excited to help you every step of the way! Special thanks to Emily!" March 11, 2016

"Absolutely Wonderful! Beautiful work in every way!! Super-fast shipping; Perfect!!!" -February 25, 2016

"This store is a great example of how some small businesses on Church Street shine far above the high-end competition. I'm mostly a spendthrift shopper. So I won't typically lose much sleep over going to a big name chain store to get what I need at a more reasonable price. But Burlington and Vermont, in general, offers a lot of real gems (yeah I meant that one) when it comes to the small local stores. Jewelry is no exception and Global Pathways seems to be a true star in that category. 
I've been in the store a few times to browse and it is a great browsing store. It has wall to wall gemstones, handmade pieces all neatly arranged by type, color, price range, etc. I highly recommend travelers stop in here while strolling Church Street and it is great eye candy and I'm betting you'll find something you like to buy here. What's unfortunate is it doesn't really stand out on the street. It's tucked in behind a behemoth of a restaurant with outdoor seating and basically shares a building entrance with another boutique store. So they only get one display window to the pedestrian street. 
As for the work and service they do, I can speak from recent experience of looking for an engagement ring. I started my process with the online research, shopping. Then I moved on to the major retailers to get hands on with rings and diamonds. But in the back of my mind I knew Global Pathways also sold diamonds and great rings (I had bought a ring there a few months earlier) so I definitely wanted to check out what they had to offer before landing on a decision. Right away, I knew I did the right thing by waiting. The sales clerk was EXTREMELY patient with me and took the time to show me just about all of the handmade options they sold but then took me down the road I hadn't considered: a custom-designed engagement ring. Yeah, they totally do that. I came away from that initial visit with a rough idea of what I wanted, a price range and got a call back with a rough quote within a day along with a chance to come back in and compare diamonds and talk with the artist. It took maybe two visits to work through the details and they were very forthcoming with the process and were all very excited about the project. I can't remember having as great, personal and caring business arrangement ever. Not only that, but the craftsmanship is just exquisite! Price was also very reasonable and we were able to get it done in a timely manner. 
I highly recommend this store especially for custom work. Truly caring artists here." -August 15, 2015

"The kind and talented folks at Global Pathways made a custom ring for me that is perfect and absolutely beautiful. I am completely delighted with their artistry. Communication was swift and thorough, the ring was packed very thoughtfully, and shipped quickly. Sincerest thanks to them!!!" -June 27, 2015

"Wow, what an incredible little "gem" of a store, nestled right on historic Church Street in downtown Burlington. I was greeted by two extremely affable and attractive ladies who gave me a very thorough tour of the shop. Admiring the various stones, my eyes lingered over opals, jades, emeralds, sapphires of all sizes and with lovely facets that twinkled when they caught the light. Anneke, one of the employees, was very helpful in showing me some of the store's most expensive jewels because I have very refined tastes. She also showed me some amazing work done by the talented employees at Global Pathways - rings, necklaces, and earrings of high quality and precise metalwork. I was very impressed and the craftsmanship apparent in these pieces. I can't say enough good things about Global Pathways and the great people who work there. You would be wise to patronize this fine establishment next time you need to find a gift for a loved one or if you simply feel like treating yourself!" -September 9, 2014