Hemimorphite is a sorosilicate mineral that’s mined from the upper parts of zinc and lead ores. Its unusual crystals form in a way typical of only a few minerals: terminated by dissimilar faces. This piece of beautifully bright greenish-blue druse was found in a vug (or shallow cavity) and carved into a round. It’s got a Mohs hardness of 5, and is mined in Africa, Austria, Belgium, China, England, Germany, Poland, Russia, Thailand, and the United States. In the U.S. it is found in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania. The vast bulk of hemimorphite in the U.S. is mined in New Jersey.

Metaphysical: It is an excellent stone to assist in growing towards an egoless self-confidence and self-respect. It assists with relieving feelings of hostility and anger and smoothing emotional irritations. It also reinforces understanding of the origin of the aggravations so that future situations can be deterred. Hemimorphite is said to bring good luck, a discerning mind and a charming manner.