As a proud Vermont jewelry shop, we’re delighted to offer the stones that are found right here in the Green Mountain State, as well as those from our neighbors in northern New York and Canada.


“Vermont Jade” is not a true jade but is actually a massive form of diopside that sometimes also contains green grossular garnet deposits. This durable stone, which is found in remote areas of northern Vermont, exhibits a vibrant green coloration with a spattering of emerald green garnet inclusions.   If you’re someone who especially appreciates untreated stones in their natural state, you may be a fan of Vermont jade, which is not processed the way so much of the true jade that’s on the market is.

Metaphysical:   In early American times, the jade of the Green Mountain state was considered a protector of vital energy as well as against invisible powers.  As a diopside, it can contain healing properties make you feel at ease with yourself, motivating you to let go of sorrow and pain and forgive those who hurt you in the past and for balancing your emotions in general.  Diopside increases creative visualisation and helps to manifest desired goals.  And like so many green stones, it resonates with the heart chakra.