Coral is calcified skeletons of sea creatures that grow in formations resembling the branches of a tree. Most coral used for jewelry comes from the Mediterranean Sea or from the Pacific Ocean near Japan and Taiwan. Once carved by the ancient Egyptians into scarabs, coral has been utilized as a jewelry medium for thousands of years. The ancient Romans and Etruscans held coral in high regard, wearing it extensively. During the Middle Ages much superstition was attached to the wearing of coral. It was fashioned into rosary beads or worn as a talisman against evil spells, witchcraft and the devil. If the wearer was to become seriously ill, coral was said to lose its color.

Metaphysical:  Sailors used to wear talismans of fossilized coral to ward off bad weather. People wear coral to ward off the ‘evil eye’, and is commonly associated with the female reproductive system.  Coral is said to promote general physical and mental well-being and to be of particular assistance to those suffering from anemia,  bladder conditions, colic and whooping cough.  In many parts of the world it is believed that coral can be used to ward off evil thoughts sent by ill-wishers.