Many believe that moldavite was formed 15 million years ago during the impact of a giant meteorite in modern-day Bohemia. Others believe that its characteristic wrinkles and pittings most resemble the markings of certain meteors, and that the stone itself is extraterrestrial in origin. The total amount of Moldavite scattered around the world is estimated at 275 tons. There are now only a handful of moldavite mines that are in full operation in the Czech Republic. It is predicted that in less than ten years from now commercial Moldavite mining will come to an end. After this time, there will be virtually no appreciable amount of gem-grade Moldavite left in the ground.

Metaphysical: As a crystal that may have origins in other worlds, Moldavite is believed to help focus its wearer on a spiritual connection with the cosmos, and can help to release all that is no longer needed for personal growth, like old ideas, leftover emotional habits.